CraftInLine In-Line Counter Pressure Filler for Beer & Beverage

Low oxygen pickup, accurate fill levels, greater operating latitude. Line speed from 35 to 40 CPM!



True counter pressure filling for breweries and beverage companies who demand quality packaging:

  • 35-40 CPM (1800 CPH) based on 12 oz.
  • Guaranteed TPO less than 50 ppb at nominal fill
  • Guaranteed CO2 retention
  • Guaranteed fill level within 2ml
ProPurge valve CIP
Assembled in USA

Currently taking orders!

CBCPalmer Canning Systems will be providing inline counter pressure filling systems that provide accurate fill volumes, low oxygen, greater operating latitude, and low spoilage.

Please come to the CBC in Nashville on April 30th to see our CraftInLine in action!

Our ProPurge valve is at the heart of our canning lines:


Our 5-head filler with ProPurge valves provides a true purge to atmosphere and laminar product flow for unagitated fills and low oxygen pick up.

Filler tank is hygienically designed with CIP recirculation and sanitation. Easy installed valve caps for complete cleaning during CIP.

Down Stream CO2 Bubble Breaker and Jetting for head space purge.

Our conveyor is stainless steel frame with spray ports for easy cleaning. Rexnord belting with Nord drive and wash down grade lube free bearings.

Optional liquid nitrogen dosing unit for head space purge for still and low foaming products.

Optional sterile filling with enclosed cabinet and sanitation misting.


Single head, all stainless mechanical seamer is hygienic, easy to adjust, and maintain.

Our proven single head seamer design is servo-driven with cam-actuated double 1st and 2nd operation rolls. With stainless steel gearbox and drive components.

Our tooling chucks are titanium nitride coated for B64, CDL or SuperEnd profiles and mounted to stainless shaft assembly. Our 1st and 2nd operation roll assembles are titanium carbide coated with stainless steel sealed roller bearings for long life and easy maintenance.

The pneumatic can lift assembly is easy to adjust for counter sink depths.


Our proven end feeder assembly is screw feed into a drop chute with spring loaded lid placement roller for consistent make up. Lid under cover gassing is standard. Lid tamper rail for added stability into tool head.

SMC Pneumatics are wash down grade throughout system.

CraftInLine seam head:

CraftInline seam head

CraftInLine end feeder:

CraftInline end feeder

Currently taking orders!

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UL CE CSA stamped electrical and safety. We use NEMA4x cabinets with IP67 field electrics. Includes system status light and CAT3 safety doors.


  • Installation: our technicians will help startup, run production and train within a week at additional cost
  • Ongoing support: our technical services and parts support are unmatched in the industry
  • Seam training: we provide on-site and in-house training in theoretical and hands-on applications


  • Manual de-pal and in-feed conveyor
  • Discharge conveyor with rinse, dry and pack off table
  • WaveGrip G1 manual 4/6 packing unit