Filler seamer machine

60-600 CPM: CraftBloc™ Rotary Counter Pressure Filler Seamer
30 CPM: CraftInLine Inline Counter Pressure Filler Seamer

Canning Lines for Beer, Cider, Coffee, Energy Drinks, Hard Soda, and Wine.

  • 30 & 60-600 Cans Per Minute (CPM)
  • Rotary & Inline Counter Pressure Technology
  • Oxygen Purge to Atmosphere for TPO’s <50 ppb
  • Accurate Fill Levels within 2ml
  • Stainless Steel Seamer
USA made assembled

Global Leasing Solutions Available!

Over 65 Canning Lines Installed Worldwide!

A Customer's Story of Success!

First Production Run at Emerson’s Brewery, Dunedin, New Zealand – July 12th, 2018


CraftBloc™ rotary counter pressure can filling solutions for 60-600 CPM that provide accurate fill volumes, low oxygen pickup, and low spoilage.



We also provide an inline counter pressure can filling solutions for 30 CPM: the new CraftInLine!




Our CraftBulk™ auto de-pal system automatically pushes can or bottle discharge from pallet onto conveyer, removes layer separation sheet, and raises pallet load for continuous operation and minimal operator interface.

  • Automatic pallet lift for all size cans
  • Automatic discharge of cans
  • Automatic layer sheet removal w/stacking tray
  • Automatic top frame removal



We design and manufacture modular and custom conveyance for aluminum cans. We use only stainless steel frames with hygienic design for easy cleaning and sanitation. Our conveyance products include table top, mat top, mass, and accumulation.

Our CraftRinse empy can rinser is standard with waterless ionized for reduction in water usage.

Our CraftDry post fill rinsing and drying system is designed for cost effective performance with 2.5HP, 4.5HP and 10HP blower and manifold options.




We offer the WeighCraft fill detection level monitoring system, as well as can seam gauges.


Can carriers for 4, 6, 8 multi-packs, WaveGrip is an innovative new solution to your can collation needs, which is easily applied to the rim of your cans to turn them into safe and secure multi-packs.


Our technicians can train your employees and assist with troubleshooting and maintenance.

I’m very impressed with what you all do

Against the Grain

“Hey guys, I just wanted to write you a note about how pleased I am with the canner and the service that comes with it. Jeremiah really kicked ass yesterday dialing the machine in and also helped us understand the adjustments and what to look for in the future. He’s a real good dude and asset to the company and we look forward to having him back for the scheduled maintenance in August. I don’t often send emails like this, but I feel it was warranted, because I’m very impressed with what you all do.”

This system has exceeded our expectations


“This system has exceeded our expectations as far as commissioning of the line, the installation, and the performance and quality levels, enjoying great local technical support we receive from Buxton Mechanical Solutions, Palmer Canning’s Canadian representatives. After doing our canning on a mobile canning machine prior to this installation, we are very happy with how successful we have been with the new Palmer system to date.”

Jason Britton

Dave (the owner) is lovin’ life

War Horse Brewing

“Everyone here is super pumped! Les has been great. You guys at Palmer have been awesome and Dave (the owner) is lovin’ life.”

Justin Paolicelli

You have made my learning curve easy!

Three Brothers

Hey guys, just a shout out of “thank you”! I just want you to know how much I appreciate all your help and direction. I come from 30 years of hydraulics and pneumatics, I knew nothing about wine, beer or packaging before I joined 3 Brothers a couple of years ago. Fortunately for me they have invested in a “state of the art, super user friendly canning line with the best support team ever”… you have made my learning curve easy! Thank you all, I appreciate the support!

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