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28 Jul 2017
Date code wheel

Date Code Wheel

Do you want every one of your cans date coded with legible type? Palmer Canning Systems has a solution! We have recently designed our own date code wheel.

We promise quality resolution and 100% coverage for the bottom of your can. This innovative design features a Servo-driven starwheel an electrical control package which is UL listed, it is easy to install as well as use and runs up to 200 CPM to name a few just to name a few of its components.

Adding a Palmer Canning Systems Date Code Wheel to your Palmer Canning Systems line just further assures your customers that they are getting the freshest quality product that you can supply!

10 Aug 2016

Craft Lubricants for Craft Brewers

We know what it takes to keep machinery running at its best so use and recommends Lubriplate H1 Lubricants for use in our machinery.

Lubriplate offers a complete line of NSF H1 registered, high-performance, synthetic and USP mineral oil-based, lubricants that is designed to protect your machinery, your products and your customers.

Lubriplate backs its lubricants with a wide range of complimentary services all “crafted” to help you maximize your plant maintenance program.

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