Garrison Brewing Word Hard and Play Hard

Garrison Brewing canning line

Garrison Brewing Word Hard and Play Hard

The brewing scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has evolved and grown greatly in recent years. For Brian Titus, who founded Garrison Brewing with Mark Obermaier 20 years ago, being able to adapt and finding your own identity is key to standing the test of time. Just make sure you have fun while you’re at it.

Garrison Brewing

“…the company invested in a 12 head Palmer Canning line with depalletiser, which sits snugly alongside the bottling setup.

But you can’t ignore cans. We only started canning in May 2017 and it now accounts for 15% of our output and it’s on course to grow to 30%. After that, who knows where it’s going to go.

We could have gone for cheaper options on the market but we didn’t see the value on taking that route. You can ruin a perfectly good beer in the final seconds of the process and if you’ve not thought about that issue, then that’s a problem. You need to focus on packaging.”