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CraftBloc™ Gen 2 Rotary Counter Pressure Can Filler & Seamer with ProPurge Technology

Optimal Aseptic Filling

  • 60-600 Cans Per Minute (CPM)
  • Rotary Counter Pressure Technology
  • Oxygen Purge to Atmosphere for TPO’s <50 ppb
  • Filling valves: 12 / 24 / 36 / 72
  • Seaming heads: 1 / 4 / 6 / 8
  • Stainless Steel Seamer
USA made assembled

Global Leasing Solutions Available!

CraftInLine In-line Counter Pressure Can Filler with ProPurge Technology

  • 30 Cans Per Minute (CPM) based on 12 oz.
  • Inline Counter Pressure Technology
  • Guaranteed TPO less than 50 ppb at nominal fill
  • Guaranteed CO2 retention
  • Guaranteed fill level within 2ml
  • Mobile canning model available
USA made assembled

CraftBulk De-Pal

  • Automatic pallet lift for all size cans
  • Automatic discharge of cans
  • Automatic layer sheet removal w/stacking tray
  • Automatic top frame removal
  • Stainless Steel design


Our CraftRinse empy can rinser is standard with waterless ionized for reduction in water usage.

USA made assembled


Our CraftDry post fill rinsing and drying system is designed for cost effective performance with 2.5HP, 4.5HP and 10HP blower and manifold options.

Robotic Palletizer

Beer cases and 24 pack trays are heavy, awkward, flimsy and difficult to handle, whether bending to the first or lifting to the top layer, the potential for injury is significant.

Fuji’s Robotic Palletizing Systems can increase output, decrease spoilage, improve safety and lower maintenance costs all lead to an excellent return on investment (ROI).

USA made assembled

WaveGrip for securing multi-packs of canned beverages

WaveGrip is an innovative new solution to your can collation needs which is easily applied to the rim of your cans to turn them into safe and secure multi-packs.

Suitable for all kinds of canned drinks producers – WaveGrip will give you value for money with the widest choice of equipment for the lowest cost.

USA made assembled

AlumiBloc can bottle filler and capper

We are now offering Ball Metal Alumi-Tek exal socal can bottle filling and capping systems with AlumiBloc™.

Our AlumiBloc™ counter pressure can bottle fillers and ROPP cappers fill and cap between 30-100 can bottles per minutes.

USA made assembled

Tunnel pasteurizer and can warmer

Standard features include:

  • Dynamic Active Control System
  • Chemical Dosing System
  • Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors
USA made assembled

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