Robotic Palletizer

Craft beverage palletizing.
Robotic Palletizer

Recognized as the developer of robotic palletizing, Fuji’s list of features and product reliability are unquestionably the best in the industry.

Fuji’s robots are designed specifically for the packaging market. With over 16,000 installations worldwide, Fuji has significant experience and technology advantages.

Fuji robots are easier to program, operate and maintain while providing the highest output available in the industry. Fuji’s Robots deliver the highest levels of productivity with the lowest cost of ownership.

Robotic Palletizer
Robotic Palletizer


  • Palletizing is an extremely physically demanding, most monotonous and dangerous jobs. High quality labor is becoming extremely difficult to find and keep. Automation can free up human resources on value-added and critical parts of the business.
  • Beer cases and 24 pack trays are heavy, awkward, flimsy and difficult to handle, whether bending to the first or lifting to the top layer, the potential for injury is significant.
  • Partnered with Palmer Canning, Fuji’s Robotic Palletizing Systems can increase output, decrease spoilage, improve safety and lower maintenance costs all lead to an excellent return on investment (ROI).


  • Designed specifically for the packaging market, Fuji’s robots do not require complex programming. Fuji’s robots only need to be taught the pickup and release positions of the first two layers. The robot calculates the additional layers using the most efficient path automatically.
  • With the ability to handle up to 400 specific pallet patterns, Fuji’s Robots are set up to handle everything from constant changeovers to the longest runs.
  • Automated palletizing is now within reach of both high-speed bottlers and Craft


  • Easy and straight forward programming, including pre-programmed pallet patterns (no need for hours of custom programming)
  • Proven and reliable belt-to-ball screw technology (very precise and accurate without being complex or expensive)
  • Simple and straight forward design (fewer components, maintenance schedule programming the HMI)
  • Rectangular profile to create pallet pattern (no need for complex programming)
  • Lowest power consumption (roughly 1/2 the cost to operate compared to any other system)
  • Real Time I/O monitoring (You always know what is happening with the robot)
  • On-board error log (helps to diagnosis an issue)
  • On-board lubrication schedule (always aware of what needs to be done to keep the robot at optimal production)

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