WeighCraft Fill Detection Level Monitoring System

Ideal for checking fill level of cans on production lines.

The WeighCraft inspection system is ideal for checking fill level of cans on micro-brew production lines. The device incorporates a precision load-cell that weighs the can to determine fill.

A simple touch screen interface allows direct entry to set over and under limits. Each can’s weight is displayed as well as the total production count and eject count.


Download all WeighCraft spec sheets.


  • A pneumatic ejection system removes the can from the line if over- or under-filled
  • Designed for simple installation on existing transporting conveyors after the filling machine
  • Inspection speeds up to 120 cans per minute


  • No lid sensor (missing cover)
  • 14×16 stainless steel ejects tray
  • Legs to the floor for additional stiffening of the existing conveyor


  • Production Speed: 120 cans per minute for 12 and 16 oz cans
  • Accuracy: +/-5 grams (1 gram=1ml) to insure labeling law regulations for fill
  • Environment: Manufactured from engineered plastics, stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Nema 4x, IP 65 ratings
  • Cleaning: Procedures Hand wash, gentle water rinse
  • Utilities: 115/220 VAC single phase, 5 amp power
  • Pneumatics: 40 psi, 10 scfm flow (1/4 poly air line, 80 psi air supply)

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